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What is a VoIP Phone Service? By Pinky Mcbanon

VoIP is a service where voice data is transferred over the Internet just like normal Internet data traffic. VoIP is also known as Internet Telephony or IP telephony. When the Internet connection is a broadband connection, VoIP is usually referred to as Broadband Telephony. Whatever be the terminology used, VoIP phone service is a method of providing voice communication using the Internet infrastructure.
VoIP Phone Service uses the existing infrastructure already installed for the Internet and speech signals converted to digital audio are sent in the form of packets. VoIP services can be interfaced with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and calls can be made to another computer, mobile phone VoIP phone or an ordinary telephone.
The services provided by VoIP are similar to those provided by PSTN with call forwarding, call waiting, caller identification, automatic redial and conference call facilities on offer. VoIP has an advantage over regular telephony in terms of security - the audio content is split into multiple pieces of very short duration and sent over the Internet as packets. The packets need not be received at intermediate points in sequence. It is very difficult for anyone to intercept a conversation being carried on VoIP.

VoIP has become very popular over the last few years as it has become a low-cost voice communication solution with wide user acceptance and a large consumer base. The service providers do not have to bear the expenses of installing infrastructure in the form of cables and switching equipment as the Internet infrastructure is already in place. In PSTN, the service provides is required to digitize voice and transmit the data after conversion to digital signals. The Internet infrastructure already carries signals of this nature and this reduces the cost for service providers significantly. This extends VoIP telephone services to the customer at much more economical rates than PSTN.
Another benefit of VoIP service is that it makes your physical location immaterial. All you need is access to a computer to be able to call any number of your choice, even international numbers for the cost of a local call.
There are downsides to VoIP services - Internet traffic is inherently unreliable in nature and in congested networks, the chances of dropped packets are very high. In such conditions, dropouts in conversation are inevitable. This is in contrast to the dedicated and reliable channel of communication provided by PSTN. For the same reasons, VoIP telephone services are unable to match the Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees provided by the PSTN.

Best Home Made Wind Mill Plans By Mick Jeys

A home made wind mill can provide you with enough energy to power many of the appliances in your home. Build a whole series of wind mills and maybe some solar panels, and you've got yourself a solid, 100% energy self sufficient property that just went up $10,000-$20,000 in value! If you've got a few spare weekends and the determination to succeed, this article shows you where to get the best wind mill and solar panel plans.
First off, Do-It-Yourself wind mills can look great, are inexpensive to build, and with the right schematics, can be quite simple. Most of the required materials can be bought from the local hardware store, and you only need a couple of tools to cut and assemble the appropriate building materials. Obviously, if you want to run the home made energy directly into your AC breaker, you're going to need an electrician to come in for a couple of hours.
A home made wind mill is best placed on top of your roof, or if you can access, on to of a hill, away from trees. The further away from the house, the more cable you are going to have to lay. If you want to use the wind mill to generate electricity for your home, I would recommend building 2 strong based turbines on the top of your house.
Naturally, you really need some plans and background information before setting out to do a project like this. I recommend using internet resources, as they're generally cheaper and a lot easier to access than conventional paper plans. You also get a lot more support. Most of the plans and schematics provide you with solar panel plans, as well as biofuel information, so if generating your own electricity sounds like what you're interested in, give it a go.

Building Solar Panels By Ben Levanger

Are you looking to build your own solar panels, probably because the cost of buying a solar panel is through the roof. A typical home uses 300 watts of power per day, and if you were to go and buy sufficient solar panels to produce that amount you would need to spend close to ten thousand dollars. Now for a regular family throwing ten thousand dollars towards some solar panels is not a viable option.
That is why I opted for building solar panels. I will show you want you need, and how to avoid costly mistakes. This seemed a little easier then out wind generator that took us a little while to assemble, but was still quite easy with the guide that we followed.
What you need
- A guide - these are readily available on the net
- Some simple tools and a clean work place
- Make sure the guide is tested, and easy to follow - some guides are complicated and end up taking to much of your time and money
The guide that we used focused on installing solar panels, but there was also a section that covered building your own. We set off and starting following their instructions to the letter. Some of the guides online even talk about how you can sometimes get solar panels for free, but we won't cover that.
First you need something to mount the solar cells on. Preferably a piece of plywood, you can use OSB material but plywood is more durable and last better in the weather. OSB will absorb the water when it rains and this can ruin your project. To build your own solar panels you will need to do some soldering to get the appropriate tool.
Always wear safety equipment, when working
Basically building solar panels is quite easy but you have to know where to get the solar panels. Once you have acquired the solar panels it's a matter of soldering the negative and positives wires to make a completed panel. Once you have done this you can mount the solar panel and run the wires. Depending on how much power you are supplying, you can either hook them up to run your washer and dryer, charge batteries, hook them up directly to your meter. You have a few different options but make sure to find a guide, and follow their instructions.
Let me tell you, its pretty cool to see my meter spinning the other way, yeah its taken some work but I now get checks from the electrical company, and I never have to worry about paying them again. Building solar panels was a fun project.
Make sure to click to visit my site on
Renewable Power to find the best guide for making your own power!

Build Solar Panels and Save Money Every Month on Electricity Bills By Naji Shanu

Do you want to save your money on electricity bills by up to 80%? Then you need to build solar panel. Don't worry at all, it is not that much difficult to build a solar panel yourself than you think. There are so many people already using solar power as alternative energy to save their money on electricity bills every month and the best thing is about this system is lots of people from around the world are getting amazing result.
This solar power system is definitely a renewable and it cannot be exhausted. One of the best thing about this system is, it is environment friendly and there is no by products from it. One more thing i want to tell you about this system is you cannot expect power if it is cloudy or rainy outdoors and this is the only disadvantage of this solar power system.
Anyway, Building your own solar panel isn't hard nowadays because there are lots of kits and do it yourself guide available on internet. These guides show you step by step instructions on how to build a solar panel with useful videos and images. You don't have to be an expert to build solar panel as you can do even if you don't have mechanical experience. If you are willing to buy it from the market then it may cost you around $2500 but it may cost you less than $200 if you build it yourself. The parts you need to build it are easily available in any hardware shop and the parts are copper wire,plywood sheet, battery, solar cells, electric wire etc.
Don't waste your money by paying huge electricity bills every month. Instead use alternative source of energy and save your money each and every month.
There are so many do it yourself plan out there on internet from which you can easily learn how to build solar panels yourself.

Your Energy Efficient Kitchen By Lori Downes

We all have to eat and cooking uses energy, especially at the holidays when we're cooking for a group. So what do we do if we want to save energy, but we want to have nice home cooked meals? With an Energy Efficient Kitchen, you can eat well without the outrageous energy bill.
Small Tips That Add Up
There are lots of quick efficient tricks that require no monetary investments. Use these tips to be more efficient in the kitchen, use less energy and save money. When heating water in a pot, put the lid on so the water heats faster. Try to cook various dishes at the same time so you take advantage of an already heated oven or stovetop. Turn the heat off a little early so the food continues to cook while the heat is off but the stove or oven is still hot. Turn the light off when you leave the kitchen. Make sure the refrigerator door is closed. And if you really want to have a super Energy Efficient Kitchen, ask yourself if you really need the light in the fridge and freezer. If you can do without out them, remove them.
Energy Efficient Kitchen Lighting
Energy saving light bulbs last longer and use much less energy so you start saving money the moment you put them in. Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL's) are one type that are popular and easy to find and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Experiment a bit with the different types available to find the one that works best for you. CFL's are slightly more expensive initially but will quickly save you money on your energy bill. And, you won't have to change them as often. Of course, you can use CFL's all over your home, even outside. Energy Efficient Lighting is simple: just change a light bulb and start saving. Hardware stores, retail stores and even some grocery stores carry CFL's or you can order them online.
Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances
If you're up for a larger project, upgrade older, energy wasting appliances. The Energy Star logo will be very helpful when choosing new appliances. This logo shows you that an appliance has met certain strict energy saving guidelines. Also, make sure you buy the right size for your needs. Something too small will be overworked, too large will be wasteful. Isn't the Holiday Season the perfect occasion to buy a new Energy Efficient Energy Star appliance for your hard working kitchen?
Now go ahead, enjoy the holidays, cook all those wonderful family dishes and even try some new ones. Your Energy Efficient Kitchen will help keep the energy bills in line so you can spend your money on more important things like ... FOOD!

What is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

iKnowArticles.com | Sheet Metal Fabrication and Its Processes

Sheet Metal Fabrication and Its Processes

By: Stuart Small

By: Stuart Small

What is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

The processes and techniques of shaping and bending sheet metals to create a variety of components are known as sheet metal fabrication. All sorts of sections and complex shapes can be given to the sheet metals. All products that contain any metal components will be required to proceed through some type of sheet metal fabrication. Many manufacturing fields such as computer, medical, appliances, or electronics often use this metal fabrication process.

Processes of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Different processes such as forming, cutting, and finishing are used in order to reach the final product in sheet metal fabrication.


To fabricate a sheet metal at first it has to be cut into different shapes. Then the pieces are modeled or shaped into final pieces.
Shearing and electrical discharge machining are some of the cutting processes in shearing bigger pieces which are sheared into much thinner pieces. The operation of shear stress on a cutting machine will be needed for this process. In EDM conductive materials will then be melted from an electrode spark which comes from a small fully charged electrode that will be surrounded by iodized water.

Different tools like electrical powered shears and tin snips are often used for cutting sheet metals. Computer based equipments like Computer Numerical Control Punch Press or Computer Numerical Control Lasers may also be used. Tin snips is a hand tool that is required and used on a daily basis by a variety of companies. Electrical powered shears is often used and functional by the help of a battery powered electric motor. It has a crank drive and movable cutting blade for properly cutting sheets of metals. Next a laser light will be pressed across the surface of the metal sheet in order to cut in Computer Numeric Control lasers cuts. In order to cut the metal into different sizes or shapes like square, hexagon and circle the Computer Numerical Control Punch Press will need to be used. Water jets can be used to cut sheet metal as well. It uses the high pressure water ranging from twenty thousand to sixty thousand psi in order to cut the metal properly. It doesn’t generate any type heat while its being used for cutting which is an important factor.


After cutting the metal sheet, it has to be shaped into its required shape to create a component and this process is known as forming. It refers to the variety of ways that are used to shape sheet metal into a variety of forms. While forming a metal sheet take care of the ductility, ability of the sheet metal to allow it to be manipulated without fracturing.

Rolling, shape flat pieces of metal over and over by the use of roll stands, Bending and forming, hand based process used to get the desired shape on the sheet metal, Punching, used to punch holes in the metal, Welding, used to join pieces of sheet metal together, Stamping, tools and dies are used to stamp designs into the metal, Hardware and fastener creation methods, used to add latches or handles to the sheet metal, are the processes of forming sheet metal.


Every sheet metal goods have to go through the process of finishing to eliminate or to polish rough spots and edges.
After going through all of these processes we find finished sheet metal goods.

Now-a-days, with the advancement of technology, many of these techniques are now applied with the use of computer controlled machinery. Instead of opening a factory to create their own metal products, a company might hire a sheet metal fabrication specialist to do the work for them. This gives the company more time to focus on marketing and promotion and can also save money.

Author About:

Stuart Small from Stevens Rowsell Sheet Metal Engineering writes about Sheet Metal Fabrication. For more information about Sheet Metal Fabrication visit www.stevensrowsell.com

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Sheet metal work and Its Types

iKnowArticles.com | Sheet metal work and Its Types

Sheet metal work and Its Types

By: Stuart Small

By: Stuart Small

The formation of sheet metal, thin and flat pieces metals of varying thicknesses is known as sheet metal work. Different types of sheet metal works include:

  • Deep drawing

  • Cutting

  • Perforating

  • Spinning

  • Press brake forming

  • Roll forming

  • Rolling

  • Stamping

  • Bending

  • Ironing

  • Wheeling

  • Decambering

Deep drawing

Drawing process where the depth of the part being made is more than half its diameter is known as deep drawing. In this process, metal blank is stretched around a plug then make it move into a die, a molding cutter. Kitchen sink is a perfect example of deep drawing technology. Aerospace, automobile, dairy, lighting, pharmaceuticals, and plastics are the industries that are rely on deep drawing process.


To give the sheet metals different shapes it has to be cut into tiny pieces. To cut sheet metals various tools from hand tools to very large powered shears are used. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and Lasers cutting or multi-tool CNC punch press are the most modern sheet metal cutting processes.


Perforating is used to design, produce, and fabricate metal to meet the precise specification. Perforated metal offers a solution that is both decorative and functional.


Spinning, performed by hand or by a CNC lathe, is the process in which a disk or tube of metal is rotated at high speed and formed into an axially symmetric part. The process has both artisans and commercial applications. To produce architectural detail, specialty lighting, decorative household goods and urns artisans use the process and among its commercial application include rocket nose cones, cookware, gas cylinders, brass instrument bells, and public waste receptacles.

Press brake forming

In need of a metal housing for a particular part, brackets for machines and equipments, metal framing, and even decorative touches press break forming is used. It is considered as an ideal solution for those who are in need of replacement parts, large numbers of brackets, and fastening solutions as well as prototypes for almost any type of machinery.

Roll forming

The process includes a large strip of metal to be passed through continuous sets of rolls, or stands to collect the needed cross-section profile. For producing parts with long lengths or in large quantities it is an ideal process. The process of roll forming is a simpler one.


In this process a metal sheet is passed through a pair of rolls. On the basis of the shape of the final product rolling is classified into two classes-- Flat, shape of the product is either classed as sheet or plate, and Profile rolling, the final product may be a round rod or other shaped bar. Hot rolling and cold rolling are the two types of rolling according to the temperature of the metal rod.


Punching by using a machine press or stamping press, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining are the different operations that are associated with stamping. This is both a single stage and a multiple stage operation.


Process in which a metal is deforming plastically to change its shape is known as bending. In this process one axis of the material is deformed not the surface area of the material. Press breaks are usually used for bending. As a flexible process it is used for getting different shapes.


The process of uniformly thinning the work piece in a specific area is known as ironing in the metal sheet forming.


To use English Wheel to form smooth, compound curves from flat sheets of metal is known as wheeling.


The process of removing camber, or horizontal bend, from strip shaped materials is known as decambering. Flattening or leveling processes resemble in decambering.

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Stuart Small from Stevens Rowsell Sheet Metal Engineering writes about Sheet metal work. For more information about Sheet metal work visit www.stevensrowsell.com

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Google Adsense Langkah Mudah Meraup Dolar Lewat Internet Originally published in Shvoong: http://id.shvoong.com/books/guidance-self-improvement/1729014-google-adsense-langkah-mudah-meraup/